Pope, Russian Orthodox Patriarch and Bono will meet before the end of 2016

New times are coming for humanity as God’s representatives on Earth have been embracing and kissing each other in public date in Cuba. Both spiritual leaders have being talking about world peace and other themes like climate change while they were enjoying a precious winter day on board the Popemobile. However, according to some observers they also had an argument. An argument about their gowns.

It seems that Pope Francis believed that a white tunic was more stylish. While Kirill believed that his tunic was better because a tunic with black sleeves was much easier to keep clean as you are always rubbing them on furniture and on other palace objects. As none of them accepted other arguments than their own ones, discussion was getting more heated little by little.

Suddenly, Cuba’s old leader, Fidel Castro, appeared dragging a ball with his foot, and wearing his famous tracksuit or maybe it was his pijamas (according to other sources). The two spiritual leaders stopped their dispute in that precise moment and tried to reach the ball without success. After that break. They all started to look at each other smiling and embracing each other like good friends do. Fidel express his gratitude to both leaders for being so friendly and for choosing the island for the meeting, and proposed they repeat it before the end of the year. It was then when Francis and Kirill looked at each other and without saying a word, they agreed that the meeting wouldn’t be completed without the leader of U2.

angel of the world



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